Opera huset oslo

opera huset oslo

soloists have smaller 4 or 6 man rooms with person specific places and showers shared with the neighbouring room. Technical spaces occupies the area above balcony. Photo Trond Isaksen, for Snhetta a close collaboration with artists has always been an important part of their projects. Photographs, snhetta, about the Building Client and the User. This area is used for the public cloakroom where a copse of slim columns hold the visitors coats. It is also an important acoustic attenuator within the foyer space. One can see the activities within the building: Ballet reheasal rooms at the upper levels, workshops at street level.

Four technical bridges span across the space at high level housing lighting and ventilation and forming an important visual and acoustic ceiling. One idea stood out as a legitimation of this monumentality: The concept of togetherness, joint ownership, easy and open access for all. Snhetta The stage curtain The stage curtain is also an important element in the auditorium. These to requirements are generally considered to be mutually exclusive, but after close discussions with the end user, a solution was found where of a black box has a high quality cotrasting, freestanding structure placed inside. At the sides the form reflects sound back down to the audience whilst at the rear it sends soungs in multiple direction to avoid focussing. The grand staicase is peeled out of the wooden wall and leads up to 3 galleries around the auditorium. The oval ceiling reflector visually finishes the hall and also reflects sounds in very specific ways.

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Oak is used throughout for the floors, walls and ceilings. The finished scenery is moved through the loading dock and directly into the rear stage area. The main structure of the stone clad roof above is included in the volume of the hall rather than being hidden behind a false ceiling. These can be completely closed down when not in use. Photo Jaro Hollan, a grand staircase, leading to three galleries around the auditorium, is peeled out of the wooden wall. Photo Nina Reistad, photo Nina Reistad. Photo Statsbygg, the government wanted the Opera House to be a landmark for Norway as a cultural nation, highlighting the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, and also the foundation for the urban redevelopment of the area. A marble cladd stair connects the two levels. The easiest way to get there is to walk on the.

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