Fatbike trondheim

fatbike trondheim

great a trip companion as our brief encounters on the internet had led me to believe. Skip to primary content, sidetracked Home, mikkel Soya Blstad. Have a look at, mehr anzeigen). Instead, we took the legal route and followed the tractor road, bumping along boulder-strewn patches, splashing through streams, dodging muddy trenches, enjoying the occasional silky smooth, sandy singletrack on the moraines. I deflated my packraft, teeth chattering from the cold crossing, while Joe a couple hundred metres away unintentionally realised that fatbikes make for great floatation devises as he attempted to cross the river from the lake, only to discover a waist deep trench of chilling. To call the crossing the crux of the trip would be pompous. Sharing it with Joe made it even better. The low, hissing sound of Joes Jetstream cooker disappeared a quarter of an hour before my tiny beer can stove even got close to bringing my minuscule pot to the boil. Refreshing yourself with soothing water straight from the lakes, doing your best not to think about the potential risk of catching some ugly bug from the increasing population of lemmings skittering amongst rocks and bushes.

fatbike trondheim

At midsummer, thousands of people always cycle from.
Umm, something with a fat bike wouldnt be too bad neither, I replied.
Electric fatbike cycling at Bergsjstlen.
Fatbike is a bike with extra thick and broad deck that makes it possible to cycle in winter and in summer on surfaces where ordinary bicycle fail to take forward.

Hardangervidda is not about epic mountain ranges. This might sound like a recipe for nav svolvr a wild, bohemian lifestyle, but in a smallish town being non-conformist can also be a recipe for loneliness. Riding a bike, though, the sight put a huge grin on our faces. We rolled through open plains of low-growth mountain birch, past a dogsled team escaping the soaring late summer heat in Bergen on the west coast. Its about wide open spaces. The hiking track took off to our right. After more than an hour and a half of all-in effort, and less than three kilometres of progress on the water, Joe resigned and resorted to pushing his bike along the rocky shoreline, sweetened by a short ride on a sandy beach. Would you tell a friend to buy a ticket in advance because this place may sell out? Website: m, twitter: @mikkelsoya, facebook: Mikkel-Soya, motorcycling the Roof of the World.