Latitude longitude of oslo norway

latitude longitude of oslo norway

which would have a value of one second. Longitude 84 45'00" and 84 50'00". Part 4 covers competitive orienteering for those who would like to compete with others in the sport. The line directly opposite the prime meridian, 180, may be referred to as either east or west longitude. The prime meridian of the system we use runs through Greenwich, England and is known as the Greenwich meridian. In addition to the latitude birk sport oslo and longitude given for the four corners, there are, at regularly spaced intervals along the sides of the map, small tick marks extending into the body of the map. For most maps of scale 1:25,000, the interval is 2'30". Lines east of the prime meridian are numbered to 180 and identified as east longitude; lines west of the prime meridian are numbered to 180 and identified as west longitude. Starting with 0 at the prime meridian, longitude is measured both east and west around the world.

For example, one of the exercises in Part 3 is an imaginary orienteering "hike" that uses the sample map. Starting with 0 at the equator, the parallels of latitude are numbered to 90 both north and south.

latitude longitude of oslo norway

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Over 500,000 copies have been sold in the english language editions alone. Bhutan, thimbu 27 32' N 89 43'. This procedure is also used to locate the 32 25'00" line of latitude. There have been very successful editions published in French, Italian, and other languages as well. The distance east or west of a prime meridian to a point is known as its longitude. (1) Draw the parallels and meridians on the map that encloses the area around the cemetery. Belgium, brussels 50 48' N 4 21'. At one-third and two-thirds of the distance across the map from the 20' tick mark will be found a cross tick mark (grid squares 03) and at the far side another 20' tick mark. Bulgaria, sofia 42 42' N 23 20'. Sucre (legislative) 1620'S 6810'W Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 4352'N 1826'E Botswana Gaborone 2445'S 2557'E Brazil Brasilia 1547'S 4755'W British Virgin Islands Road Town 1827'N 6437'W Brunei Darussalam Bandar Seri Begawan 0452'N 11500'E Bulgaria Sofia 4245'N 2320'E Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 1215'N 0130'W Burundi Bujumbura 0316'S 2918'E. Amsterdam, Netherlands 4 5301"E Athens, Greece 23 4259"E Batavia (Djakarta Indonesia 106 4828"E Bern, Switzerland 7 2622"E Brussels, Belgium 4 2206"E Copenhagen, Denmark 12 3440"E Ferro (Hierro Canary Islands 17 3946"W Helsinki, Finland 24 5317"E Istanbul, Turkey 28 5850"E Lisbon, Portugal 9 0755"W Madrid, Spain. By drawing a set of east-west rings around the globe (parallel to the equator and a set of north-south rings crossing the equator at right angles and converging at the poles, a network of reference lines is formed from which any point on the earth's.