Oslo norway climate

oslo norway climate

3 per cent of humanitarian aid directly to local and national responders last year, according to new figures from Development Initiatives. Read more The Norwegian aid-financed investor Norfund expects to present a surplus of about NOK 2 billion for 2017, after taking full control of the hydropower investor SN Power last fall, a result of strong disagreement with the co-owner Statkraft about investments in Africa. Now they are charged with being too cozy with the Climate Ministry in Oslo, which is a main funding source.

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It is expected to shorten the response time for the unions civilian security efforts around the world. Funds that WFP can use freely have dropped from 12 to 6 per cent of its total budget over the last seven years. Read more Norways Development Minister Nikolai Astrup will strengthen his day-to-day access to the competence relevant for his portfolio by moving staff from the aid agency Norad to the Foreign Ministry. The case exposes the far-reaching political conditionality for European NGOs that take US grants. The reform proposal includes the aid-financed Nordic Development Fund. Some NGOs fear the American grant terms could jeopardise both their independence and their humanitarian principles. Cookies are used for measurement, ads and optimization. Read more In an effort to pressure Kinshasa into revoking three illegally allocated logging concessions, Norway is withholding the equivalent of a billion crowns in promised aid funding for forest protection in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The ministry disagrees with the criticism and insists that important results have been achieved. Read more Anne Birgitte Albrectsen, the Danish CEO of the 80-year-old organisation, says Plans current way of working is out of date. So far DKK 50 million in aid have been allocated to facilitate the return from Denmark of 198 rejected asylum seekers to six countries, including Nigeria, Somalia and Afghanistan. The trust fund opens a window that allows NDF for the first time to seek funding outside the Nordic region.

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