Alt tag html

alt tag html

also known as "alt attribute" and "alt description is an html attribute applied to image tags to provide a text alternative for search engines. Shorter alt texts are also more likely to be indexed by Google and the other major online search engines in a more efficient manner. Use alt" if the image is only for decoration. While the tips are carefully reviewed by the participants of the group, they should not be seen as anything else than informative bits of wisdom, and especially, they are not normative W3C technical specifications. What purpose do alt tags serve? Learn more about the Tips, how to submit your own pearls of wisdom, and find all the other QA tips in the.

What are alt attributes useful for? Alt tags should only be prioritized for image-heavy pages that are very light on text. Learn how to add an alt attribute to images in a BigCommerce Store: Image Descriptions. Alt tags solve for this by providing text which is read by the search engines. img src"g" alt"m" width"104" height"142" When I try to use my own example, or image, it doesn't work. I am just learning html. What should I put in my alt attribute? Where is an alt tag located? Some more specific rules: if odds manchester united vs chelsea the image is simply decorated text, put the text in the alt attribute if the image is used to create bullets in a list, a horizontal line, or other similar decoration, it is fine to have an empty alt attribute. If your code has the alt attribute set in its images, most of these browsers will display the description you gave instead of the images some of your visitors cannot see images, be they blind, color-blind, low-sighted; the alt attribute is of great help for. The alt attribute is defined in a set of tags (namely, img, area and optionally for input and applet) to allow you to provide a text equivalent for the object.

Further Reading, the, w3C QA Tips are short documents explaining useful bits of knowledge for Web developers or designers, hosted and produced by the Quality Assurance Interest Group at W3C. Best practices, product images should be optimized for site speed and use the same keyword as the product page itself. Refrain from keyword stuffing, as Google and other popular search engines disfavor such antics. Also, do not forget to mention the topic within the alt text. Don't prioritize alt tags over, sEO deliverables such as titles, inter-linking, and meta descriptions.