Toyota hnefoss as

toyota hnefoss as

or some combination of the two. _This, _he thought after he arrived on a clear Norwegian day, really is a piece of heaven on earth. But then he hears two more pops in the distance, probably near the schoolhouse. He turns the boat hard, then slows and eases up to the boulders. Earlier that day, before he parked the Volkswagen van at H-Block, he e-mailed a document to 8,000 acquaintances and strangers explaining what he was about to do and why. Then he steps into the water. The gun seems real, and even if it's not, Munir is worried that campers will trample each other in their panic.

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He is thorough and linear. "In a way she says, "that day has affected us to where it's part of our problem." Sara Johannessen clicks through images until she finds a photo of Gro Harlem Brundtland with AUF kids on Utoeya. "Always write the terrorist not the shooter.' " Munir has never spoken about his last hours on Utoeya, but he is supposed to testify in three days, and in the atrium of the building where the AUF and the Labor west ham line up Party are headquartered, he decides. _Seventy-seven people, he thinks. I told him why I was there, and he nodded and told me to stay by the water until the TV crew was finished. The rain is cold on his skin, the lake water colder on his feet. Nettles prick and tear at his skin.

toyota hnefoss as

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